Now Enrolling for the 2015-2016 School Year!

Welcome to Nacogdoches Christian Academy. We realize that it takes a great deal of research, forethought, and prayer to release your child to the care and teaching of another person. The mind of your child is very precious, and we are aware of the great responsibility you have entrusted to us. Not only will we be striving to give your child the best possible academic program, we will also be aware of the importance of being good Christian role models to your child. At all times, we will treat your child with respect, kindness, love, and good humor, and we expect all children to treat each other and adults in the same manner.

Carefully read and complete all forms.  All sheets that require your initials or signature must be on file at Nacogdoches Christian Academy before the first day of classes.  Your child's medical sheet must be returned BEFORE the first day of school.  To comply with state licensing standards, your child will not be allowed to attend our school without current medical and immunization information on file.

We are excited about working with your child and want you to feel free to visit the school any time.  We ask that you please keep the students and staff in your prayers.

State Required Form

Confidential Form 18 months - Pre K 4

Release Form